We develop and patent our own equipment for the analytic and technician testing the traction to the anchors of oil towers, due to the wind. Patent pending.

We provide services of Tensile testing in any place that is necessary.

We have two machines specifically designed for these tests, mounted on a truck, which are provided with calibrated traction cells up to 20 Ton. This equipment is especially designed to do the Tensile testing to the anchor of the windbreakers of the tower plants, in oil services and it can be transported to the location of the wells.

  • Tests according to the API RP 4G Standard.
  • Tensile testing up to 20 Ton.
  • Calibrated tensile capacity: 20 Ton
  • Dynamometric Cell: G02 A ITN-230
  • 5-Digit Digital LED Display: product by LR-22

Central Base Cipolletti

D. Calle Rural C-6 Benigno Galucci 2400
(Ex Paso de los Libres), Cipolletti
Río Negro, Patagonia Argentina

P.299 154191448 | P.0299 4367722

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Operational Base Añelo

D. Manzana R, Lote 9
Parque Industrial Añelo
Neuquén, Patagonia Argentina

P. 299 5953505

M. [email protected]

Operational Base Catriel

D. Av. Gral. Sabio & Rawson
Parque Industrial Catriel
Río Negro, Patagonia Argentina


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