Our Service of Cathodic Protection is Integral, from the Survey, the Engineering, to the turn-key Projects.

The Cathodic Protection is oriented to prevent and to control the corrosion of the buried or underwater ferrous structures. IT is usually applied on the Facilities related to the activities of extraction, transport, storage, distribution and processes of gas and petroleum.

This service belongs to the Integrated Administration System, that has been certificated by the Standards: ISO 9001 (2008) of Quality, ISO 14001 (2004) of Environment and OHSAS 18001 (2007) of Occupational Health.

  • Engineering and Projects
  • Galvanic Current Protection
  • Protection by Printed Current System
  • Turn-key Projects
  • Provision of materials
  • Tests
  • CIPS, DCVG and PCM
  • On/Off Surveys
  • Provision of current rectifiers: in both manual and automatic mode or switching.
  • Deep Anodes disperser

Central Base Cipolletti

D. Calle Rural C-6 Benigno Galucci 2400
(Ex Paso de los Libres), Cipolletti
Río Negro, Patagonia Argentina

P.299 154191448 | P.0299 4367722

M. [email protected]

Operational Base Añelo

D. Manzana R, Lote 9
Parque Industrial Añelo
Neuquén, Patagonia Argentina

P. 299 5953505

M. [email protected]

Operational Base Catriel

D. Av. Gral. Sabio & Rawson
Parque Industrial Catriel
Río Negro, Patagonia Argentina


M. [email protected]

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