Ingenieria Terra offers the service of water management from the reception, the storage, the transportation, the filtering, to the conditioning of water for fracking.

  • The design, calculation and engineering of the whole system.
  • Catchment evaluation, storage systems, depending on the capacities and space readiness, location and definition of the routes, determination of the equipments of pumping and ducts that can be used.
  • Water testing, chemical, bacteriological and mechanics treatments
This service consists on the design, the provision, the assembly and the operation through the use of metallic, modular and waterproofed tanks, that are available in diverse shapes and capacities. Adaptable for different types of fluids. Ingenieria Terra offers the transportation of fluids. Provision service and operation of pumping equipments and temporary ducts, using flexible hoses combined with rigid pipes. This service includes the definition of routes, hydraulic calculations, apart from the spread and operation of the ducts. Direct supply to the wells. Equipment for the discharge of trucks and pumping to the wells by pumps up to 80 bblm and up to 15 Kg/Cm2 of pressure, with 600 HP motors. The service of mechanic filtrates up to 5 and 2 microns by each machine. This operation tries to eliminate the solids that could be deposited during the storage of the water. Determination of the physical-chemical conditions in-situ to determine if the water fulfills the requirements of quality for its use as fracture fluid. If this water is not fulfilling the required parameters of quality, Ingenieria Terra offers the engineering, the assembly and the operation of the treatment plant, necessary to fulfill the requirements of quality. We provide this service to reuse the flowback and production waters as fluids of hydraulic fracture. The offered process includes chemical, microbiological and physiques treatments.

Central Base Cipolletti

D. Calle Rural C-6 Benigno Galucci 2400
(Ex Paso de los Libres), Cipolletti
Río Negro, Patagonia Argentina

P.299 154191448 | P.0299 4367722

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Operational Base Añelo

D. Manzana R, Lote 9
Parque Industrial Añelo
Neuquén, Patagonia Argentina

P. 299 5953505

M. [email protected]

Operational Base Catriel

D. Av. Gral. Sabio & Rawson
Parque Industrial Catriel
Río Negro, Patagonia Argentina


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